How To Make Cute And Creepy Chip Bag Favors For A Halloween Bachelorette

How To Make Cute And Creepy Chip Bag Favors For A Halloween Bachelorette

What's the best way to celebrate Halloween if you're engaged and looking for a unique bachelorette theme? A Halloween bachelorette party, of course! If you're planning a Halloween-themed bachelorette party, you'll want to make sure you have some spooky and chic favors for your guests. In this blog post, I'll show you how to make chip bag favors that are both cute and creepy. If you’d like to see a quick tutorial, check out this Reels from my Instagram page! If you need more detail, keep reading!

What You'll Need

To make these simple chip bags, all you'll need is:

  • Printer -- I'll be using an HP Officejet 6962
  • Glossy Photo Paper -- Check out this product from Paris Corp
  • Double Sided Tape -- AdTech Crafter's Tape from Walmart is great!

Step One: Choose Your Design

You can't have a Halloween bachelorette party without some ghoulish treats! But before you can start planning your menu, you'll need to choose the right design for your chip bags. Whether you want to go for cute or creepy, there are a few things you'll need to consider.

First, think about the overall theme of your party. If you're going for a more traditional (as in scary) Halloween look, then this FREE BRIDE OR DIE CHIP BAG PRINTABLE might be what you're looking for.

If you would prefer to add a bit of whimsy to your party, then a cute design then this FREE TWERK OR TREAT CHIP BAG PRINTABLE could be perfect. 

You may also want something themed but straightforward. If so, the FREE SPOOKY BOOCHELORETTE CHIP BAG PRINTABLE may be more your style.

Step Two: Fill And Assemble the Bags

  • Download and print the chip bag design.

I use an HP Printer on the "US LETTER BORDERLESS" setting. This means the entire image prints onto my 8.5x11 Glossy Photo Paper from edge to edge. There is no space left around the image which means I do not need to cut any excess paper off after printing.

  • Adhere double-sided tape on the top, bottom, and left sides of the glossy photo paper. Tap should be placed on what will be the top, bottom, and back middle strip of the chip bag.
  • Grab any 1-oz. bag of chips and place it in the center of the paper.
  • Bend the left and right sides of your photo paper until the strips overlap and you can tape the two sides together.
  • Carefully squeeze the front and back sections of the chip bag so as to close it.

PRO TIP: Pinch the middle of the paper together and smooth outward to create a flat edge that will be easier to crimp and trim.

Step Three: Add The Finishing Touches

Once the chip bag has been assembled to your liking, gently squeeze the middle of your chip bags to create a pop-up/standing effect that not only elevates the chip bag's display potential, but helps to straighten the top and bottom edges as to make crimping even easier.

Grab your crimper tool and place the flattened top section of your chip bag in the center.

Use a little pressure to slowly turn the crimper knob and create the sealed chip bag detail.

Flip your chip bag upside down and repeat this step.

Now what?

Take a step back and admire your work! Your chip bags are assembled and look beautiful. You created a unique bachelorette favor for under $20 and your attendees are super impressed! Wouldn't these be perfect for a Halloween-themed bridesmaid proposal? They are easy to make and can be customized to be as cute or creepy as you want. Just follow the steps above and surprise all your ghouls with this unforgettable DIY favor! If you loved this blog post, please consider commenting, pinning this image, or tagging @blueroombride in your creations!


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